Projects in Motion


  1. Cucamonga Crosswalls Desilting and Repair - Prepare to mobilize in March
  2. Basin 6 Desilting - Pending Environmental Documentation Completion in April 
  3.  Water Master Plan (WMP)- Document Preparation
  4. Urban Water Management Plan - Pending preparation-completion in July
  5. Office Relocation Feasibility Study - AdHoc Committee to submit RFP for design services
  6. Edison Pond Expansion Study -  Cannon Engineering
  7. Forebay - Tunnel UV system (Placeholder alternative for microbial issues)

Projects Completed

  1. WFA Pipeline Connection
  2. Well 25A Site Improvements
  3. Spring Terrace Waterline 
  4. Wildrose Lane Waterline 
  5. Chino Basin Recharge Pipeline
  6. Alternative Energy Feasibility Study
  7. Frankish Tunnel Pipeline Connection
  8. Air Separation Vault to Treatment Plant(City)
  9. Tunnel conveyance microbial analysis - Engaged with Environental Engineering firm to analyze and prepare appropriate response